Monday, September 22, 2008

Finally....a Post from Keelah

Hello [NECC] Nation!

It's nice to feel like I finally have some time to write to you myself. Tai has been great at writing for both of us throughout the summer, but now I am happily sitting in the quiet, listening to the crackle of the wood stove, and typing this greeting to all of you.The weather is beginning to get colder here and the leaves are turning color. The days and nights have been absolutely beautiful and we are waiting for just the right day to enjoy some apple picking and hot cider doughnuts! Linea, Noah and Jared are so excited that the farmstand up the street sells "punkins" (as Jared calls them) for just $1.00.Jared is loving his new school. Thanks Miss Mel! Noah is waiting for just the right thing to come his way and Linea is ecstatic about being on the Manta Rays Swim Team! Life is always an adventure with the three of them, but we are truly enjoying having lots more time together as a family. We are so grateful for this experience where we can live and serve so closely together.

Today we spent the afternoon poking around Freeport. I can't remember the last time I had the opportunity to do that. My how LL Bean has changed in the last few years! We picked out coats so that we'll be ready for the cold mornings waiting for the bus and the snow that will inevitably come our way. We decided that we needed some "real" protection for the Maine winter that's ahead of us. So we bought the coats and then practiced being cold by munching on some Ben & Jerry's. Yum!

I have been struck this month with God's ability to constantly make our jaws drop in awe. God continues to show us in so many ways that His provision is perfect and more than enough. I can't say those three words, More Than Enough, without smiling and remembering all that we learned together as a camp community this summer. But it's true! His provision in our lives is perfect and complete. We lack nothing. He always does what is in our best interest, provides what is best for us in the long run and what will make us most like Him in the end. He is..."More Than Enough". So that's life here on Camp Cherith Road this week.

Keep Growing Strong,
Keelah and Tai

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back in the Office, back to work, back to School

Greeting [NECC] Nation,

Keelah and I are sitting at our dining room table working on the calendar for this year. Quite a daunting task. Today we visited a local daycare center for Jared to spend a few days a week. That went pretty well, and we are considering all of our options. Linea and Noah have returned to school and are getting settled into their routines. And Chips is chewing happily on a bone beside me after successfully sitting, laying down, and staying on command!! Yeah Chips!

God has been especially gracious to us today. Most of you may know that we are in the middle of a campaign to raise $52,000.00 for the down payment on the final mortgage for Paul and LaRue Soyster's House and Property which Keelah and I know reside in with our family. One of the options for us to explore was to sell a piece of land 5 acres at the very back of our property. We posted the property on Craigslist and in two days had an interested buyer. Partly excited at the prospects of a buyer in today's market and partly sad that we might part with some of NECC's Land. However this past weekend the buyers decided they didn't want to pursue the land any more and all discussions came to a halt. Today Keelah and I went to the mailbox and opened the mail to find a very generous donation of $10,000.00 from a great supporter of NECC. So when God closes a door he opens a window! We are very encouraged by this and know that God is going to provide the $52,000.00 we need. We are at about $35,000.00 leaving us with about only $17,000.00 to go. So all you out there in [NECC] Nation need to continue to pray for God's blessing as we inch closer and closer to our goal.

Well, back to calendar planning. Thanks for listening tonight.

Glad the tomb was empty,
Keelah and Tai