Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ahhhh Labor Day Weekend

Greetings NECC Nation!

I am sitting in our living room enjoying the peace and quiet of the impending fall season, but yet missing all the excitement of the summer. Keelah and I are looking forward to this fall and winter as we will have the chance to really roll up our sleeves and get our hands in the thick of a full year at [NECC].

Next week Linea and Noah return to school at Lyman Elementary School. Linea is going into the 4th grade (oh my goodness, it is strange to even say those words!) and Noah is going into the second grade. They are excited to be getting back to school. We are in the process of looking for a local pre-school for Jared that he can spend a few hours a week in so that he can get some interaction with children his age and so that Keelah can have some time to work at Camp without having to chase him around.

Well, in two weeks we have our first Dad Daughter retreat...if you havent registered please do. We still have room in both weekends. No offense ladies, but I'm looking forward to having some men around here for a weekend! :)

Well, off to bed. Thank you again to all who support us and Camp. See you all next week!

-Tai and Keelah

Friday, August 22, 2008

Our First Summer Has Ended

Greetings [NECC] Nation!

Camp has ended and Keelah and I survived our first summer. This was definately a summer of learning. We learned lots of names, we learned lots of traditions, we learned lots of policies, we learned lots stories, I learned lots of new songs, we learned a lot about ourseves and each other.

Although most of it seemed to feel like a rollercoaster ride careening at 75 miles per hour, it was a geat summer. God has truely been at work here at [NECC] this summer. He has use so many of our staff to reach out to the lives of the girls who came to camp this summer. Keelah and I have been blessed by what he has given and shown us.

We are now at a point where we can start to really settle into our new home here at Camp. When we arrived in Apri we just dropped our stuff in many different piles around the house and hit the ground running in preparation for camp.

This week we have the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church arriving tomorrow with 153 people. We are looking forward to meeting them and experiencing our first BCEC Youth Conference.

We are looking forward to the year ahead as we look back at this past summer and ahead to the next. The opportunity to take a deep breath and really dig in to prepare and plan is encouraging as we felt we flew into this summer with quite a few blinders on.

So we wrap up this summer with a HUGE THANK YOU to the summer staff, the [NECC] Board of Directors, and of course the campers for welcoming us into [NECC] Nation with open arms and for helping to guide us through this great adventure we call [NECC].

I will leave you with some points to pray for each week between posts:
1. For our Family as we spend some time these two weeks together before Linea and Noah go back to school.
2. For the [NECC] Board as they tackle some challenging issues this upcoming year
3. For the Summer Staff as they re-enter life and start moving back to school, jobs, etc.

Well enough for now! Goodnight
-Tai and Keelah