Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Good evening NECC Nation!

I am so excited to announce that registration for summer 2009 is now open! Brochures and registrations have been sent out to last years and the year befores campers. So keep your eyes open for them. We have also posted our brochure and registration form to the website. And what I'm most excited about is we have gotten our NEW and IMPROVED online registration uploaded and ready to take registrations. This new streamlined system will be easier for parents and streamline the process in the office, which will reduce the room for error or data loss. Our new system will main stream a whole lot of processes for us here at camp.

My only disappointment has been not being able to get this rolled out sooner. So our appologies to those who are used to getting registration information earlier. The name change coninciding with registration for this summer proved to be a NIGHTMARE!!! But we survived, certainly not without your support and most importantly prayers!

Camp is at a pivotal time right now with a new name, in an unstable economy. So I would ask that you constantly be lifting NECC and it's ministry to young women up in your prayers! Keep Keelah and I in your prayers as we have taken on the daunting task of filling the shoes of Doc and Willow who in our opinion are way to big to fill! Pray that God will send a wave of campers this summer, and that we will be able to minister to a record number of young women. Pray that God will challenge us to constantly be creating an extraordinary ministry in an ordinary world.

Well off to watch Biggest Loser with my beautiful wife!

In His Service,


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